Share the Good News

God has been so good his people in Restoration Worship Center.  We are enjoying eing in the prsence of the Lord and we are allowing God to shift us in this new season.  This season has been a difficult one for the people of God but we have chosen to stand on his word and to believe the Lord, and what his word says.  This wednesday for bible study we began to talk about the importance of the gospel and what the gospel stands for.  We as the people of God must understand that without the gospel we would not know how to fulfill the desires of the Lord. The gospel is the good news and the fact that the Lord our God died, was buried, and lives today.  God is an awesome God and he allows us to perform miracles, signs, and wonders, so that he may be glorified and so that those who do not believe can recieve.  So this week try and do something different and share the good news of Jesus Christ into someones life and see the glory of God.


For the month of January, Restoration, is interceding all month for specific things that God has laid on the heart of the man of God.  We meet pretty much all day everyday and allow God to have his way.