Restoration Worship Center is an Apostolic House with an apostolic emphasis.  Even though our house pursues structure, policies, strategy and order, and is similar to the houses with apostolic structure, we are also given to a tremendous amount of prophetic insight.

Our house leans a lot into the prophetic.  Our house takes more chances with vision.  We do not have to investigate a thing for months and years before embracing and executing it.  Our house is open to deviation by the Holy Spirit.  We are not rigid or starchy.  We are very flexible and hungry for the move of God.

We are open to respond and embrace the spirit of change when it comes.  We are involved in training and mentoring leaders, which is a great emphasis in our house.  We have strong intercessory prayer teams and strong praise and worship teams.  Great attention is given to excellence.  

We are very generation conscious.  Great attention is given to interdependency of God's people.  We have mission thrust.  There is a great push for our covenant members to embrace destiny and walk in their calling with maturity.  We are also book writers and we produce strong leaders to impact the body. 

We were able to identify our house as an Apostolic House with an Apostolic emphasis by "The Apostolic Culture & Pattern by Dr. John Tetsola.