Ginger's Testimony

When David told me about this book, it was not finished, but he asked me if I would read chapter six. I said yes, but in my mind, I thought it did not pertain to me because I had lost my husband suddenly a few months before. As I sat there reading the chapter, my emotions were running wild. Anger, frustration, hate, yes, hate I had it all and then some. I have been dealing with it for over 18 years now. I had been looking at a way to deal with it, but so far I had not found a solution to the problem, or so I thought. This chapter was for me not because of my husband, but for the people that had hurt me. This chapter made me look deep into my heart and soul. I had to learn to forgive them for the hurt, they had caused me. I had to say, “God, please forgive me for what I had been thinking and saying of these people all these years."