Preview of Chapters 1-4

"CHAPTER ONE- Jesus Causes Division”
There’s been a change in your life and that change is you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and became a born again Christian. However, now when you go to those same types of family gatherings, your family members include brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles, nephews and nieces, parents, grandparents and friends who don’t understand why you no longer act the way you did and say things you said before you became born again.

 “CHAPTER TWO- Who Do They Say You Are”
You arrive at the reunion with your spouse, and, if you have children, they are with you also. Remember, your spouse knows how you really are in your actions and conversations at home. The question is, now that you’re there, how do you act and what do you say?

 “CHAPTER THREE- They Are Not Your Enemy”
Have you ever experienced someone saying or doing something to you that caused you to react in an ungodly way? This, in turn, exposed some character traits that were hidden in your heart. You felt you had overcome those things lurking inside of you. You said to yourself and others that it was just Satan using that person or situation to get your mind off what God has called you to do.

 “CHAPTER FOUR- Don't Say It”

Because of God’s grace and mercy, you’ve become a child of God. My question to you is: Since then, how many times have you spoken words out of your mouth to your spouse or anyone else you wish you could take back?