Aaron, Aidah, Aaron Jr, and Austin Doan will be moving to Kigali, Rwanda, Central Africa to become the Head Master (Principle) of St. Patrick's Secondary School (High School). In order for the Church of God to be registered in the Nation of Rwanda, it is required to have a social project. The school was purchased about 5 years ago but it is struggling to stay open. The Field Director for Africa for COGWM has asked me to take the position in order to restructure the school. If we are able to boost the attendance and efficiency of the school, it will be able to operate as a self sustainable project. In addition it would also be able to sustain the salaries and expenses that COGWM has to pay out monthly in order to operate in Rwanda. By doing this we hope to become the business model for COGWM around the world. If all the nations around the world could stand alone financially rather than being dependent on the USA, the budget for the missions department could be used to improve facilities, support missionaries, etc. Currently the missions budget only covers the administrative portion of the program. Each missionary has to raise their own budget in order to stay on the field. Career missionaries are assigned a missions rep that assists in raising funds and the missionaries are guaranteed the monthly budget amount that COGWM approves prior to their departure. If their fund drop below a certain point they are required to return to the USA in order to raise money. Missionary associates are required to raise their own funds and are not assigned a missions representative to assist. They are only sent money that comes in for the month, up to the amount that is set in the approved budget. If less than that amount comes in, they are not sent additional funds until they have money in their account to send. If their account is that low they would immediately have to return to raise funds. The Doan Family is currently registered as missionary associates and not likely to have our status switched to career. We have had a former missions representative that has agreed to assist us but has not been assigned to us. Our project number is 065-0447 with the COGWM department. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you for all the love that your church and family has shown me over the years. God Bless.
Aaron Doan and Family